$500.00 USD


Antiracism and DEIB for Clinicians (June 25th- August 19)

This cohort will start on June 25, 2023

Gain the knowledge and confidence needed to speak about and address racism in your professional and personal lives!

What you'll get:

  • Lifetime access to the course materials
  • Immediate integration into a community of like-minded clinicians who provide constructive conversations about race and racism
  • Access to private webinars and discussion about race and other challenging topics

This course is about developing a stronger intrinsic drive to play an active role in dismantling all forms of oppression by diving in head-first


Course Details 

This 8-week course will start on Sunday, June 25th and end on Saturday, August 19th. The course will be available to you a week prior to your start date and you are allowed 1 extra week after the end date in order to submit all the required work.